Demystifying Public Records And Public Data

Learn about why was created and more about the author responsible for publishing our content.

Author Drew M


Let’s dive into the “why”. Online Public Records aren’t going anywhere soon and our goal is to make it easy for people of all ages and walks of life to access this info.

Why We Do What We Do was created for two reasons:

  1. To make finding people online easy
  2. To make removing your personal information (public records) from websites easy

Americans have the luxury of having public information widely accessible, and luckily we also have the freedom to remove the same information if we choose to do so.

Although most of the websites we write guides and reviews for are commonly called “background check websites”, in all reality, they’re really just online phonebooks that also contain addresses, contact info and other readily available public records.

Sites like Spokeo, Intelius, Instant Checkmate, TruthFinder and simplify the process of looking people up online… Especially compared to a traditional Google search.

Although many of these sites are fairly straightforward and easy to use for most, this site was created for people that didn’t grow up in the age of computers and need a little extra assistance.

For this reason, we focus on removing marketing “fluff”, and give you this information in an unbiased fashion.

A Note From The Editor

My name is Drew M and I’m the main researcher and writer for Formally trained in web development, design and online marketing, I’m also passionate about consumer rights and privacy in an ever expanding age of digital transparency.

The guides I write are meant to be straightforward and simple and I always welcome feedback (just contact me). With thousands of people reading my work it’s important that my writing makes sense to everyone, not just the “tech savvy”.

My aim is to make it simple for even my grandma (who hardly touches computers) to have the ability to use People Search websites and Apps just like a millennial.


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